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Review no Jutsu!
Constructive Criticism and Reviews for Naruto Fan Fiction
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6th-Nov-2007 01:00 am - Please take a minute to help me out?
I'm conducting a small survey on readerships in fandom for a class, and was wondering if people would mind taking a few minutes to answer a fairly short, 10-question survey about their participation in fandom. I would really appreciate any input you might have!

Click here to take the survey

Crossposted to...well, every LJ fandom community I'm in. :) Please feel free to pass on the survey link to your friends and post it in your own journals, as the more responses I get, the more data I have to analyze. Thanks very, very much!

ETA: The previous link expired. You can now take the survey here. Thank you!

cardcaptor sakura, Touya, dinner
This is my first time posting here, and I'm would really appreciate some feedback.

Title: Down the Shinobi's Path
Pairings: None at the moment
Genre: Action/Adventure/General
Rating: T?
Author: shinithemegami

Summary: A girl born an anomoly, a boy who proves great thing come in small packages, and a boy who's not all he seems are put together to form team 13. Now as the trio travel down the path of a shinobi can they show the world that 13 is the luckiest number of them all.

Down the Shinobi's Path
17th-Mar-2007 12:47 am - Gate of Memories [SasuNaru, fic, 1/?]
sasuke~! ♥ | chap342 of naruto
Title: Gate of Memories
Authoress: Seto's Darkness / shinigami39
Fandom: Naruto
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Angst, Drama
Rating: M
Pairing: SasuNaru
Summary: Uzumaki Naruto, a part-time student-archaeologist. His latest discovery: a buried city known to exist 500 years ago as Konohagakure. Along with it, Naruto finds a diary that once belonged to one traitor and lover, Uchiha Sasuke [SasuNaru YAOI]
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Warning: SasuNaru, yaoi, shounen-ai, weirdness (?), OOC (?), some fluff :D heavy AU. Rated M for safety :D This chapter is rather intensive on explanations, so yeah… More notes below, thanks :) And yes, there will be a happy ending here, even if Sasuke is a "ghost".

A familiar smirk twisted upon the other's lips—lips that existed since five hundred years ago. "We've finally found each other, Naruto."

Feedback: Is very welcome. Especially on the title choice. I considered (1) Heartless, (2) Gate Keeper of Hecatonchires/へカトンケイルの門番 and others -__-;;
A/N: This entry has been cross-posted everywhere :O This is my first time posting here :)
3rd-Mar-2007 12:38 am - Help, please!
Naruto - Kisame <3

This is probably an odd request, but I'd like your thoughts on something, fellow fans. I'm in the process of writing a fic (obviously), and it's slightly AU-- timeline is altered a bit so future adult content isn't potentially illegal/squicky, etc.

To start off with, here's a quick synopsis:
It's a Kisame/Sakura pairing (which is quickly becoming my OTP, even with the grand total of 7 fics available, one of which is a oneshot of mine). While on a mission, Sakura's kidnapped by Akatsuki for various reasons. They give her an offer she literally can't refuse, and along the way, she learns that there's always more to a person than their reputation. Of course, there's fights and flirting and medical things and all that good stuff, too!

Yes, I know what you're thinking. "But Ivy, that's the most cliché plot device in the Itachi/Sakura fics!"

I realize this, but here's the thing you have to understand: When it comes down to it, there was really only like 12 origional plotlines in existence, and everything else spawned from them. This won't be the most origional thing in existance, but I'm not following the cliché to the letter.

I'm trying to create something unique within the cliché that people will hopefully enjoy and stroke my ego over. :D

One of the things I'd like a general opinion on is this:  Cut for mention of current manga happenings, proceed at your own risk.Collapse )

...there was something else I was going to ask, but I suddenly can't remember what it was. Will edit if I remember, I suppose. At any rate, I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts on this or suggestions that you'd like to share. Thanks in advance!

[rikku]; smile
Hi there. I'm currently working on a fanfic and there are a few points that I'd like your opinions on.

Title: The Wave CountryCollapse )
9th-Aug-2006 08:51 pm(no subject)
So I finally joined the kakairu community here on LJ, and I felt inspired to write a short piece. However, since it doesn't revolve around KakaIru, I thought I'd post it here instead. This is my first attempt at a Naruto fanfic, so I apologize if it's crap.
The story focuses on the woman left behind when Hayate is killed by the sand. I just recently reread the manga, and did you guys notice the female ANBU member who visited the memorial shortly after he died, and on the day of the Sandaime's funeral? I didn't, when I first read it, but when I noticed it, I was touched. The fics I've read about Hayate mainly link him to other male Jounin, so this is my take.
Please review! I'd really appreciate feedback! ^_^

Title: She watched, and she loved.
Author: mad_banana
Pairing: Haya x ?
Rating: G
Genre: Tragedy
Words: 475
Summary: From the view of the woman he left behind.
Source: mad_banana
22nd-Feb-2006 12:53 am - Constructive Criticism
I'm jealous of that cigar
Title: Strong at the Broken Places
Author: Eternal_Llama
Summary: Kakashi ponders the loss of innocence and the possibility of strength in vulnerability.
Genres: Angst(?)
Pairing: Mild KakaHina
Rating: G
Source: My Journal
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Kishimoto

Author's note: Would somebody mind reviewing this for my sake? It would be greatly appreciated. Please be honest. Thanks.
Read more...Collapse )
31st-Dec-2005 12:15 am - [review] Ripple Effect by rayemars
Title: Ripple Effect
Author: Rayemars
Summary: Sasuke's return to Konoha, and everything that comes after it. Some people have changed more than they wanted or deserved to.
Genres: Tragedy/Vaguely AU/post-timeskip
Rating: M
Source: FanFiction.net

Ripple Effect ReviewCollapse )

Fun in Sun
Happy New Year (in advance)... My first time posting a review here, so typos be damned here goes:
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Duckbutt Hair
Title: The Promise
Author: grey_sterling
Pairing(s): NaruSasuSaku (older... 17-ish)
Warning(s): Porn. Mmm, porn...
Genre(s): Humor/Romance
Rating: M?

Summary: Naruto thoughtfully brings some porn home to share with his teammates.

The PromiseCollapse )
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