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Looking for advice for work-in-progress 
7th-Dec-2006 08:59 pm
[rikku]; smile
Hi there. I'm currently working on a fanfic and there are a few points that I'd like your opinions on.

Summary: This story is still in its planning stages, although I have most of the details worked out. It takes place during the Land of Waves story arc. The central characters are Hatake Kakashi and Tsunami from the Land of Waves. This is about how they change, and the things that bring them together. Inari will also be important, and Kakashi's relationship with him will slowly develop into something of a father/son bond. Romance is not the main focus of the story, but rather the way that Team 7's arrival has an impact on Tsunami's family. Also, it will look at the ways in which Kakashi lets himself get attached to the family, and want to protect them.

References: Manga Vol. 2-4, Anime Episodes 6-19

I'm mostly using the canon of the manga (for instance, Inari is 10 in the manga but only 8 in the anime)

Other Questions

I like the way that titles are treated in the manga. Ex. Instead of Kakashi-sensei, Master Kakashi is used. It's easier to just use sir, Master, etc. when referring to characters who would otherwise receive a certain title in Japanese.

However, I did consider using titles to show the way Tsunami starts to think differently of Kakashi. First, sensei, then san, then... well, I don't really know any titles that indicate close friendship. But since I wouldn't be sure of the proper usage, I think it would be too cumbersome to include titles in the story.

Thoughts? Comments? I'll post updates once I start to write it.
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